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Image of Sri Devi Posted by Adnan Siddiqui

Image of Sri Devi Posted by Adnan Siddiqui

The Pakistani actress Adnan Siddiqui has been expensive for the film’s Bollywood actress Suri Devi on the social media website.

Due to India’s tense situation, Pakistan actress Siddiqui Siddiqui has to apologize for the fans on the image of a Bollywood actor, Sri Devi. Actress actress Anagram Prague’s Photo Gallery, after which she had to face severe criticism by the fans.

The actor presented an explanation and portrayed him as a reminder of starry image, but I guess it should not have been done, but it does not mean that I am not with my country, my country is at the top. And I’m a proud Pakistani citizen.

Actress said that if he ever had to choose, he would always be the country’s head. I guess the timing of making a movie photo was wrong, so for the greatness of the country I have removed that post.

It is clear that in the movie “Mama”, the actor, along with Sri Dravi, was also included in the castle, Sajail Ali and Dadiakaran Siddiqui.