Hugh Jackman Says He’d Be Open To Playing Another Superhero

Hugh Jackman Says He’d Be Open To Playing Another Superhero

Black Widow’s hair was the main departure from Park’s initial design. That said, there are smaller details that weren’t used in the film, including her neck scarf (something also included in early concept art for Captain America) and a hooded vest, which would have also been nice a touch to her ensemble. Otherwise, her suit, in general, is more or less the same as her outfit in Captain America: Civil War.

As revealed by leaked photos from the set of Avengers 4 during reshoots, Black Widow will eventually return to her iconic red hair as she joins her fellow core Avenger teammates in tackling the consequences of Thanos’ snap from Avengers: Infinity War. However, unlike other principal heroes in the MCU who may not make it out of Avengers 4 alive, fans will still be able to see her on the big screen after next year’s ensemble flick with her long-overdue standalone movie finally on the way.


As much as Jackman loved playing Wolverine, one of the main reasons he decided to retire from the role was the physically demanding nature of it. In order to properly play Wolverine, Jackman had to train for months before filming began to get in tip-top shape, and he somehow appeared to always exceed his previous effort. That type of role is probably not something Jackman is looking for as a potential followup, so what roles could he take?

Since Jackman previously expressed interest in wanting to team up with the Avengers, finding a role in the MCU could be the ideal scenario for him and fans. Keeping him in the X-Men world could be fun, and one role that would be especially interesting could be his take on Professor X. Jackman could easily pull off the wise mentor now and would be a big name star to attach to the franchise, who can also stand toe-to-toe with the MCU’s heaviest hitters. Of course, that is just one suggestion. If Jackman is serious about taking on another role, both Marvel and DC have no shortage of upcoming characters that could suit him. Now it’s just up to the various parties to find the right one.

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