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Huawei has also launched quietly P. 30 Light

Huawei has also launched quietly P

Huawei has launched a 30-p.m. silence on the site after launching the Hoyeep P30 and P30 Pro at a function. Earlier this phone was presented to pre-order on Philippine retailers, and later I was also presented to Huawei Canada’s Offline Web Page.He did not release the harder details of this phone, but the company’s partners Fredmert and Videoteron have issued full details of this phone.

Havenweigh 30 Light is actually a mid range phone. It has Kirin 710 chip set, 4 GB remote and 128 GB internal storage. A version of this phone in the Philippines is presented with 6 GB RMB and 128 GB internal storage. This phone has three cameras, which make it the first light flagship. Earlier, light phones have come with two cameras.

Its camera set up has a 24-megapixel regulator camera, 8 megapixel wide angle lens and 2 megapixel dipth censor.

Phone front cameras are 32 megapixels installed in the screen’s water drop tap. This phone display is 6.15 inch LCD. Its resolution is full HD Plus and Septic Resize with 2312 x 1080 pixels, 19.5: 9 – it is more proportional than the phone of 19: 9 split resize.
There is also a charge charge in HWPP 30 but it has 18W support instead of P 30’s 22.5 W support. This phone’s battery is 3340 mAh, which can be charged with a USB-C port.
The pre-order of this phone has started which will continue till April 10. Free Band 3 Pro will also be given to the first buyers from selected retailers. This phone is only available in black or blue. It starts with $ 429.95 Canadian dollar or $ 320 or 285 euros.

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