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How to change the life of Kelly Patch by tattooing on face

How to change the life of Kelly Patch by tattooing on face

Kelly Patch was so fascinating to be a tattoo artist, on the first day of work, he tattooed the word “crescent” over his own eyes.

They thought nobody would like to keep them on job by looking at their tattooed shape, and thus they would have the opportunity to fulfill their true expectations.

Now 26 years of Kelly, a body belonging to Birmingham, is full of this world. Kelly tells about what he got through his step and how did Tattoos change his life.

‘Papa said I can not become Brideside’
People are sure to see me. I forget myself that if I have a tattoo, then I think ‘why are they staring at me?’

I have many questions related to my face tattoo. I think people think crossing the neck and face tattoos.

Frequently criticisms are also heard. Some are scared of me and say I feel sore. My family does not like this too much.

My father got married and I just made a big tattoo on the chest. He said that I do not have permission to be Brideside.

But now I have a job, they have a little bit of satisfaction. I have made tattoos on them too.

It was difficult to do it because I knew they were suffering. So after finishing, I wrote ‘Dead’ with his hand and told them to tattoo me.

‘I thought I was curious’
I made my first tattoo 18 years old. I wrote my closest friend’s name on my tiffany and he tattooed my name as well. Now my body is about 60% full of tattoos.

When I was learning to become a Tattoor artist at the age of 24, I also tattooed my face on the first day of work.

I did this so that I never had to do any common kind of job.

I tattooed the words ‘chris’ above my eyes. Every time I kept criticizing myself and was disappointed. I thought that all the wrong things happen to me and would mentally punish myself for it.

Then I rose to one side of my face, which showed love and beauty. On the other hand, I have leaves which reveal the new beginning of my life.

‘I’ve completely drowned it’
Before becoming a Tattoist artist I was living on a pub and was spending more time on drinking and drinking.

To reach my flat I had to go through the pub. Talking to the people on the way somebody took me to a drink and stayed out late in that way.

Since I’ve started doing tattooing work, I have left all this and my life has improved very well.

I completely burnt this job when I left my second job and started the apprenticeship.

At the beginning you do not get anything equal to me, but now my boss says she did not see me more successful junior tattoo artist.

Most of her care is to take care of her customers. They do not just come for your work but come for the entire environment and your own self.

Now I earn so much to live comfortably. As you experience experience, you also raise your prices.

You pay for an hour or by counting the entire work, half of which I get and half there where I work. You also have to have a tattoo license.

‘I help people’
I love making tattoo Your mind is never slow because you keep learning all the time, keep working, meet new people.

Every time you have to talk to other people, when they are in trouble, they talk about your problems.

People are just about to comfort. Some are so frustrated so I help them.

The stories of some people are like a heart beat and something like that breaks the heart.

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These stories make you realize what is important in life. You get the value of things. Now I see life with hope.

I also help many people who are sensitive to some parts of their body, such as stretch marks or injury-based injuries.

If your body is made something beautiful on this part, then it can make you happy and happy.

‘I’m confident of modeling’
I was very quiet and shy girl in my childhood. From these tattoos I feel more confidential. Moving a portion of your life on your skin makes your own change.

I started modeling at the age of 19 and in a manner that I was not even convinced. I worked in a music video and also appeared in the Scan Depp Magazine.

Then I got a lot of attention in which many good and bad things were to be heard. But I had decided not to take any action.
I’m tattooed with the face of my face. When you get older and you get knives on your mouth, it makes your skin look beautiful.

It’s a good idea to collect pictures on your skin like this. You can turn back and remember what time and what you bought and followed after it.

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