How much trouble do Sanjay Dutt have with her wife?

How much trouble do Sanjay Dutt have with her wife

How much trouble do Sanjay Dutt have with her wife? Salman opened secret

A video of Bollywood’s Sultan Salman Khan is being wired on social media, in which he relies on Sanjeet Dutt and stating that Sanjay Dutt is so disturbed by his wife. Salman Khan’s marriage is made of Bollywood and everyone He is convinced to marry, including his friend Sanjeet Dutt. Recently, Salman Khan participated in the comedy show of Kapil where he recited Sanjeet Dutt’s copy of the narrative story of how Sanjay

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Dutt is narrowing with his wife. Salman Khan once said Sanjay Baba was convinced me to marry. ‘Dear brother, you should get married, at that time, her phone was ringed, but she ignored After saying, when you come back from the shooting, the wife waits for you again and again Sanjay Baba’s phone bells but she ignored her again and told me that marriage is the best thing in the world. Once again, his phone ring was bellied and he said in a tremendous trouble that one minute brother John is my wife’s phone. Let’s talk to him. Talking to Salman Khan’s comedy style, how many people are troubled with Sanjay Dutt, his wife forced to laugh. Salman Khan’s video is evidently specifying that Sanjay Dutt’s troubles Do not marry by looking at it.

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