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Hip-hop artist JZ became billionaire

Hip-hop artist JZ became billionaire

JHZ has become the billionaire leaf artist of hip hop music in the world. The hip-hop music is considered as a consequence of the continuation of African American and Latin American artists in the US.
World Forbes and Leadership and wealthy assets globally, Forbes wrote the JHZ artist billionaire leaf. He is the first hip-hop artist who has joined the row of billion leaves. According to Forbes, JZ’s wealth volume is US $ 1 billion.

Forbes magazine reported about being a bill of billion rupees, he has continuously tried to strengthen his musical band and his musical group has been the key to becoming his billionaire success. According to Forbes, JZ took full focus during his music group and did not focus on other business but he has invested in many institutions.

The birth of JJ in the US city of New York on December 4, 1969. His original name is Shawn Carter. They are also involved in the drug sales before adopting music. His first album was released in 1996 and his four album has been released so far. JZ’s musical albums have got a lot of publicity.

JM Zimei Awards with his wife Beyonce

According to the Forbes magazine, JZs live a luxurious life. He has also invested in various companies. They are also constantly getting money from this investment. JZ’s total investment is over $ 220 million. Only seven million dollars have been invested in Ober. In addition to investment, they also have vast properties in New York City and highly expensive areas in Los Angeles.

JZ married a famous museum Beyonce in 2008. This wedding is still up. Beyonce’s assets are even more than $ 300 million and these assets are not included in the JH billion leaf.