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We continue our series on the Village du Monde with one of the stars of the Belle Province. The singer explains to us to come away from its dark image. To see on Sunday, July 28th. Interview.
We do not present her anymore. Pirate’s heart is the specialist of post-breaking nostalgic songs. At 29, the singer, whose real name is Beatrice Martin, wants to show a more solar side. She is already on the social networks. “I post everything that makes me laugh,” she told us on the phone. And it also begins to feel in his music.

With his latest single “Do not call me”, the artist no longer depresses in his corner. She takes things in hand. The rhythm is dancing and the clip completely barred. “If the audience is receptive, I hope to release an album in the same vein,” she exclaims. In any case, she promises to move the Paléo, July 28 next. Let’s talk about it.

Hello Beatrice! Let’s go back to your beginnings first. What was your first musical memory?

I grew up in a house where music was ubiquitous because my mother was a classical pianist. My first memories go back when I woke up in the morning listening to practice.

When did you realize that you were good at music?

I went to the conservatory when I was a child, but I did not realize it could become my job. It was at the time of my first heartache that I noticed that I had something to say. I must have been 17 years old and I had just written my first song.

You released “Do not Call Me” on May 9th. The clip is completely crazy, you let go?

(Laughs) That’s right. People must have a perception of Pirate Heart that is very dark. Always in the emotion. And I agree, my music often uses all that. But that’s not what I represent in real life. At least, I do not think I’m like that. People on social networks know that I have humor and that I am not always sad. I wanted to show it with this clip too.
What are you referring to in this video?

To my youthful idols like Sailor Moon. There are also references to pop culture that I could redo my way, as when I’m naked and covered with phones.

You also seem to take control of your love life if you listen to the lyrics.

Yes, it’s a way to be more direct in what I’m saying. In the last albums, I was very introspective, in the psychology of what I had lived and I tried to always find a culprit. While now, I arrive with solutions to get out of these situations. This is much more in the current era of “Thank you, next” (in reference to Ariana Grande’s song meaning “Thank you, next”).

You also seem a lot more solar than a year ago. Why?

It may be because I’m approaching my thirties. Some people find it scary, for my part there is a real carelessness. Aging allows me to let go. In your twenties, you do not stop asking yourself a thousand questions to try to find the right path. There, I have the impression to have proven myself and that I can finally have fun. That’s also why I play music. Of course, I want to touch people but I also want to have fun. I try to show it as much as possible, especially in concert.

We are just going to talk about your coming to Paleo on July 28th. This is not the first time we see you there.

I still remember doing the Paleo when I was very young. I was not very well known at that time. It was very cool. Then, I had the chance to come back in 2015. An incredible experience. I remember the setting sun, it was hot. All those people present for my concert had done me a good job. I can not wait to get in there again.

This year, Paleo highlights Quebec with its Village du monde. What is Pirate Heart Quebec?

Musically, I would say that as in Switzerland and all over the world, hip-hop is very present. We will also find at Paléo Loud or Koriass which are unavoidable at home.

What did you expect on stage in Paleo?

It will be different from what I present in theaters. I think it has to send, it will be more “Up tempo” with songs that people know.

Quote us a reference Quebec artist.

Pierre Lapointe! It’s my hero. If Pierre Lapointe did not exist, I would not exist either. I recommend it if you do not know it.
Is music the best business card in Quebec?

We are known for other things, but it’s a beautiful card. there are many things happening in Quebec, especially in summer. If people come to travel in