Harley Quinn is not a Member of the Birds of Prey Team, Says Margot Robbie

Harley Quinn is not a Member of the Birds of Prey Team, Says Margot Robbie

During Warner Bros.’ CinemaCon presentation weekday, Birds of Prey (And the first-class release of 1 Harley Quinn) star Margot Robbie confirmed that Quinn isn’t really a member of the Birds of Prey team. In DC Comics mental object, Birds of Prey is that the name of a feminine team that was originally begun by Black Canary and Barbara Gordon, and later took on varied totally different members, together with huntsman and woman Blackhawk.

Indeed, Black Canary and huntsman area unit each set to seem within the approaching film version of Birds of Prey, with Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as huntsman. abundant to the chagrin of the many DC fans, Barbara Gordon herself won’t seem within the film (unless it’s set to spring a significant surprise). However, well-liked Birds of Prey comics character Cassandra adult male can seem, compete by Ella Jay Basco. however the film can for the most part focus on Harley Quinn, with Margot Robbie reprising the role she originated in Suicide Squad.
As could are excited by the movie’s title, that refers to Birds of Prey and therefore the first-class release of Harley Quinn as if they’re separate matters, Quinn is so not a member of the titular team within the film. This truth was confirmed by Margot Robbie herself on weekday from CinemaCon, wherever Warner Bros. hosted a headline-making panel.

Robbie’s confirmation ends speculation that the new film may mess with magazine tradition by creating Quinn a member of Birds of Prey. currently it’s clear that within the film the $64000 Birds team, huntsman and Black Canary, become somehow committed Quinn throughout the course of the plot, that considerations the nefarious Black Mask (Ewan McGregor) nabbing Cassandra adult male once she comes into possession of a diamond that belongs to him. Leaks from the set have already shown Quinn going once Black Mask, whereas conjointly teasing Quinn’s new appearance.

DC fans WHO were already upset concerning Barbara Gordon/Oracle being missed of the film could take some solace from knowing that the film won’t mess around with canon and build Harley Quinn an officer Birds of Prey member. However, the film will still focus on Quinn, that makes it maybe one thing but a true, official Birds of Prey film. Clearly, Warner Bros. was hesitant to force a full Birds of Prey-centered film so determined it’d be to figure Quinn, a longtime character with a robust following among casual fans, into the film aboard the Birds. Any means you explore it, Birds of Prey (And the first-class release of 1 Harley Quinn) is giving magazine film fans tons of reasons to be excited.

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