A big drama in the queue of the British We Are FSTVL last weekend. Because the organization was without wristbands, they let their visitors wait for hours in the hot sun on Saturday afternoon. While waiting there was no water available and people could not go anywhere.

In this queue it was anything but pleasant to stay, several people were caught by the heat. Others decided it was enough after three hours and stormed the site, reports the Daily Telegraph.


Waiting for hours in full sun while you can’t go anywhere and is surrounded by frustrated people. It must not have been fun in this queue. At one point, the patience of a group of several hundred visitors was gone. They took matters into their own hands by knocking down fences and wringing themselves through the gate, with all its consequences.
This oppression caused panic among other visitors, creating a very chaotic and dangerous situation. Several people were trampled underfoot during the storm. Witnesses blame security for aggravating chaos with their actions.

The organization states in a statement that, due to unforeseen circumstances, a longer waiting time arose at the point of issue of the wrist bands than usual. “We apologize for the long waiting times.”


Visitors believe that the festival has dropped quite a few stitches and witnesses report that it is a miracle that only five were slightly injured. Witnesses report to the BBC that bushes fainted and had to be treated by first aiders.

A second present says that security was only pushing people back then. They were not concerned at all with the well-being of the people who were lying on the ground or who had come under pressure. The security guards allegedly threw crush barriers into the crowd. Also, several blows were said to have been dealt with during the storm.

We Are FSTVL is a three-day festival in the east of London that ‘fourth’ its eighth edition last weekend. Mainly major names from the drum ‘n bass genre such as Chase & Status and Andy C and dozens of other dance acts were on the program, attracting around 30,000 visitors. On the final day, the festival seems to have run without incident.


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