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Ex-Netherlands ex-Queen’s buses walk from Hart-Atak before the 20th anniversary

Ex-Netherlands ex-Queen's buses walk from Hart-Atak before the 20th anniversary

Lottery Van der was available to celebrate the anniversary of a family in Austria’s tourist location

Amsterdam (UrduPoint Newsstand, March 09, 2019) Ex-Miss Tennifer, just a day before his 20th birthday, was hit by Hart Atake. According to the Mid-East, Lottery Van der, a Netherlands-based tourist destination in Austria, Was present to celebrate the birthday, where he had a sudden heart attack, after which he passed away in Quima for weeks.
Lotte Van won the competition in 2017. The next Missaineer’s parents shared the last picture by posting the news about the death of their daughter, and the last photo was shared. The villain wrote in the appagram post that our daughter, March 6 It’s a very heart-catching bull at 10 to 47 minutes, it’s very hearty that our daughter Lot is not with us now, our heart is broken, but we thank you for your support and messages.

Lotti Van made a career model after winning the competition, and his future was showing quite bright. One day before his birthday, he complained about the disorder after dawn, even though he had a night before his own Walking along with friends went back and was fine in return. Vladimir brought the daughter to the hospital immediately, where he went to Coma, on which Lotte Van was transferred to a hospital in Munich, German city. Vladimir told local media That he allowed his daughter to die on Wednesday when his pen was unable to work. It is not clear that Najawa How did the N-model get hit, but the family says that tests are being done.