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Eros Ramazzotti’s spouse made a brin trop sur le tapis rouge

Eros Ramazzotti's spouse made a brin trop sur le tapis rouge

Cheveux en el vent, moue ingénue, salutes enjoués … Visibly ravie de cet instant de glouire, manicou Marica Pellegrinelli to foulé the marches du Palais from festivals comme elle aurait crossed a podium of défilé, on Friday 17 May.

It’s been a matter of a few decades before it comes to Eros Ramazzoti. Mariée au chanteur italien depuis 2014, Marica Pellegrinelli pourtant graves her marches at the Cannes Film Festival, Friday 17th, at the occasion of the Douloir et Glory projection. If the Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and others Pedro Almodóvar – the designer of the long-film – are apparace très émus sur le tapis rouge, Marica Pellegrinelli, he, it was well-known to live is the moment of glory. The top model, who celebrates the 31st birthday, is not lined with the moyens pour impressionner photographies and the public of the Croisette.

Cheveux aux vents, braid levers, saliva enjoués or encore moue ingénue, Marica Pellegrinelli, toute in jambes, vêtue d’un robe fendue aux reflets argentés to capture the light of projectors. We’re here to help you with 198,000 fans Instagram attracted the attention of paparazzi lors de son arrivée à l’hôtel Martinez. Elle and Arborait des lunettes worthy of Elton John, an ultra-bright fire … et des chaussettes arc-en-ciel. If you are staying at Croisette, you do not spit passer by herself.

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