Depika refused to work with Ranveer Singh in the film ’83’

Depika refused to work with Ranveer Singh in the film '83'

The actor will work in the film, where my role is strong, I am not serious about work, I do not see whether the main character Ranvir Singh is doing or not, the Bollywood actress

Bollywood actor Depika Pudukun and her husband Ranveer Singh have already got three movies ‘Ram Lela’, ‘Baji Rumasistani’ and ‘Padmud’, but now she has refused to do the fourth movie ’83’ with her. According to the Indian media, Pikaica Paidukon was offered to work in the biopedic film ’83’ on Indian cricketer Kapil Dev, but he refused to work in the film, play the role of Ranvir Singh Kapil Dev in the film. While Parica was offered the role of the Roman goddess Roma, however, she refused to do this role and said that in the movie The role of the wife is very short, while the movie is based on heroes completely.

He said that I will work in the film in which my role is strong. He said that in the film ‘Padmapat’ and other films, Ranvir Singh worked for this because my role was powerful. According to the report, Pika Picadune has said that I am very serious about work, it does not see that the central Whether the role is Runner Singh or not, yes if there is any such movie in which Ranvir Singh and her hero’s role is good then I will definitely do it.

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