Deadpool 2: Rob Liefeld Meets Cable in Set Photo

Deadpool 2 Rob Liefeld Meets Cable in Set Photo

Deadpool 2: Rob Liefeld Meets Cable in Set Photo

Comic creatorA Rob Liefeld met Josh Brolina s CableA in an all-newA photo from the set ofA Deadpool 2.A The writer, the mind behind Cablea s creation and co-creator of Deadpool with writer Fabien Nicieza, has been heavily involved inA Deadpool 2,A posting regular Instagram and Twitter updates about the sequel toA Deadpool.

Deadpool 2A has a lot to live up to since its predecessor remains the highest grossing R-rated comic book adaptation of all time.A SinceA DeadpoolA brokeA numerous box office records,A the only way Fox could top its success was with the introduction of a major fan-favorite character like Cable. Thankfully, according to Liefeld, Cable clearly lives up to the hype.

Liefeld took toA InstagramA to enthuse about the casting choice made by director David Leitch, calling Brolin one of his favorite actors as well asA one of the most talented actors of all of space and time. A Liefeld is clearly excited by what Brolina s performance has to offer. His post, indicating that he had seen Brolin in action, teased the actora s commitment went beyond his physical transformation and that he hadA found the voice A that would please fans of the comic books Liefeld had created. Liefeld went on to call Brolina s casting on par with the decision to pair Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, a match made in heaven for comic fans. His excitement was infectious, easily hyping his followers up for the film and the iconic team-up between the characters.

Nathaniel Summers, code-named Cable , is a mutant from aA potentialA future timeline involving the mutant messiah A Hope Summers, whose presence has been hinted at motivating Foxa s X-Men franchisea s future. The soldierA from the futureA and Deadpoola s soldier of fortune teamed up in an ongoing series titledA Cable & DeadpoolA from Marvel comics. There, the relationship inspired a fan-following, making the embittered soldier a must for the sequel. Just what Cablea s role in the sequel will look like remains to be seen and ita s led to a lot of speculation from diehard fans, but Cable hasna t been shy about showing himself. Hea s appeared in everything fromA Logan s Deadpool short to theA recentA Deadpool 2A marketing campaign.

Cablea s origin story is probably one of the most complex in comics, however, and the pressure is on for Fox andA Deadpool 2A to deliver a film that lives up to the gleeful insanity ofA Deadpool. Cable and Deadpool will also be a part of Foxa sA X-Men plans moving forward.A The casting search for Cable was one of the most frantic in history for comic book fans, many of whom might be asking if Brolina s Cable can live up to the hype.

Everything about Brolina s performance, however, seems to indicate that the actor approached Cable with both gravitas and a deep respect for the material. From his physical transformation to this final blessing from Cablea s creator, all that remains is forA Deadpool 2A to hit theaters so that fans can make the final call.

Source:A Rob Liefeld/Instagram

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