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Currency trafficking case: Model Ian Ali admitted, ordering assets

Currency trafficking case Model Ian Ali admitted, ordering assets

Rawalpindi: The court declared model Ayan Ali as an advertisement in the currency trafficking case.

In the Rawalpindi’s customs court, the money smuggling case was heard against Model Ian Ali and the court once again expressed an intense disturbance on the absence of Aan Ali.

Meanwhile, the court said that the accused had given two months time, but they would not come back, so the property details should be provided.

The court said to be informed whether the advertisement was placed at the property house or not? Modelable bail and unbelievable warrant arrest has also been issued, and the one who has ascertained is Karachi’s private society.

“I came to Karachi when the model was not come here for a long time,” said Inspector Customa Osama.

The court said that all the witnesses should be called so that the testimony should be made and the letter should be posted to Sessions Judge Karachi that the magistrate should be deployed to bind the relevant departments to stop the accused from selling the flat of the accused.

Both of the model Shaukat Abbas and Muhammad were present in the court when the court sought all witnesses to further action on the next hearing.

The court collected all the details of the case with the lawyer and the prosecutor, and issued the orders to confiscate the assets of the accused while admitting Model Ian Ali.

Judge Arshad Hussain Bhatta, the court of justice, issued the permanent warrant arrest of Aan Ali and adjourned the hearing by March 16.