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Classic Aquaman Costume Was Revealed in Alternate Comic-Con Trailer

Classic Aquaman Costume Was Revealed in Alternate Comic-Con Trailer

Classic Aquaman Costume Was Revealed in Alternate Comic-Con Trailer

Aquaman invaded Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con today and absolutely blew the lip off of the place. With Marvel Studios skipping out on a presentation this year, the door was wide open for DC to come in and steal the show. That’s exactly what they did. Luckily, Warner Bros. released the Aquaman trailer online, but the footage they showcased at SDCC included some additional scenes and, reportedly, one that features Jason Momoa in the classic costume from the comics.

The version of Arthur Curry, as featured in Justice League last year, was quite a bit different than the Super Friends version of old that has been the butt of many jokes over the years. DC Comics, with their New 52 initiative, did a lot to try and dispel the notion that Aquaman is some useless, goofy hero and the live-action version has helped to further do away with that old way of thinking about the Atlantean. However, director James Wan isn’t going to throw away all that is classic with his movie.

Jason Momoa, prior to the reveal of the online Aquaman Comic Con trailer said, “James [Wan] definitely wants to keep it just like the original,” in regards to the costume. The footage that screened exclusively at the event showed Arthur Curry in that classic gear, which is quite a bit different than what we saw him in during the events of Justice League. Unfortunately, no images of the footage have leaked online, but the response to the footage has been overwhelmingly positive. Perhaps at some point in the not-too-distant future Warner Bros. will reveal an official image of Momoa in the classic getup. One can only hope.

The footage that was released online showcased a very ambitious and fun Aquaman movie that also, surprisingly, showed a very comics-accurate version of Black Manta. DC isn’t messing around with this. Black Manta reportedly was showcased more in the SDCC Hall H footage. There were also shots of Aquaman and Mera walking through the desert to ultimately arrive at an apparatus of sorts that shows them a hologram of the King of Atlantis, sending them on a quest for the late king’s Trident. It was revealed ahead of Comic-Con that the quest for the Trident would be the main thing that drives the plot forward, and we even saw Jason Momoa go diving in the Aquaman Teaser, looking for these artifacts.

During the Hall H presentation, Warner Bros. also announced that what we used to know as the DC Extended Universe, or DCEU for short, has been officially branded the Worlds of DC. This is just part of what helps to signify a larger change when it comes to the future of these movies. The Zack Snyder vision for this universe is very clearly a thing of the past. Arthur Curry’s classic costume is just one small reminder of that. Warner Bros. is set to release Aquaman in theaters on December 21. Even though we don’t have the footage of the costume, you can check out a Sideshow Collectibles figure below that gives you an idea of what to expect.

Source: movieweb

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