Cassandra Peterson Teases Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Sequel, potential Netflix Series

Cassandra Peterson Teases Elvira

Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira, excited some pretty exciting news throughout a Q&A this weekend in her Instagram stories. Horror fans are looking forward to a sequel to Elvira Mistress of the Dark since 1988 and Peterson unconcealed that it’d really still be happening. in addition, Peterson mentioned talks to bring some type on her classic Elvira’s picture show gruesome to Netflix. The horror genre is within the middle of a reasonably massive revitalisation at the instant, and anybody United Nations agency has been to recent convention is aware of that Cassandra Peterson remains a really hot goods in any case of those years.

During a Q&A session command through Instagram, Cassandra Peterson talked regarding all things Elvira and even delved into her personal life. as an example, Peterson isn’t a dope or Coke reasonably woman. Instead, she’s all regarding the Dr. Pepper. once asked a couple of potential sequel to Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Peterson admitted that she has been brooding about the sequel quite bit late. She had this to mention.

“I’m giving this some serious thought. a great deal of individuals raise this question, therefore i am thinking a new… we’ll see!”
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is Associate in Nursing 80s comedy horror classic that has solely gotten higher with age. it absolutely was Cassandra Peterson’s massive screen debut because the Mistress of the Dark and he or she had a neighborhood in writing the playscript. The picture show did not set the box workplace alight, however it absolutely was a project that has become a hardcore cult picture show within the nearly 31-years since its debut. Hopefully Peterson announces some a lot of news a couple of sequel within the close to future.

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As for Elvira’s picture show gruesome, Cassandra Peterson conjointly unconcealed that she could also be in talks with Netflix to induce the show introduced to an entire new generation. once asked regarding the series coming back to the streaming platform, Peterson merely same, “I’m acting on it!” and provided the fingers crossed emoji. She failed to continue to mention if she would be creating new episodes or if she would simply have the recent show from the first 80s streaming for horror fans. Either way, fans would be quite happy to envision some a lot of Elvira on their tv sets.

Cassandra Peterson was conjointly asked regarding her current fan base and if it’s modified over the years. She noted that Elvira fans are pretty consistent over the years, however she has seen a great deal a lot of younger folks entering into her picture character late. Lines area unit invariably wrapped round the corner for a Peterson sign language event and fans can wait all day simply to induce her autograph and to mention howdy. 2019 could also be a giant year for Elvira fans, therefore let’s hope that the ball finally gets rolling on it long-awaited Elvira Mistress of the Dark sequel.

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