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Big Little Lies / “Big Little Lies”, Season 2

Big Little Lies

Every year, with the beginning of the summer, we are regularly bombarded with various lists of “beach reading rooms” – books that are easy to read, easy-to-read, self-retrieving (especially if the criminal intrigue and the ass have been caught, humble humor) that can be “quietly” engulfed ”Even during one day, laughing at the beach in the summer heat.

Such works, of course, do not go unnoticed in Hollywood, which shoots these books on hot spots, and sometimes the shielding of this summer’s quick-to-read and equally forgotten work tends to be brighter than its first hand. One of the most illustrative examples of such cases is the screening of Gillian Flinn’s novel “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects” – David Fincher made the first of the big screens in 2014 even more crazy and amusing, while Jean-Mark Valais made the second miniseries with great success. HBO (“Dark Places” screening is better forgotten).

The third example, which could be mentioned next to the first two, and for which we will talk more about this time, is the transformation of Laien Moriartiya’s “Big Little Lies” in a serial format – interestingly, here too, the “culprit” was Jean-Mark Valais, who directed the first season . Originally, the Big Little Lies was intended as a miniscule, but after its grand success (the TV series was rewarded with prizes, spectators and critics’ appreciation and love), it was finally decided to return to the secrets of the city of Monterrey.

So the second season of the series will be passed to our attention immediately – its events will take place in a very short time after the peak of the first season, during which, as we remember, the ill-fated end of Alexander Scarsgard’s Perry and Monterey’s main ladies, Madelain (Rice Viterspoon), Seleste (Nikola Kidman) ), Jane (Sheillin Woodland), Lora Derna and Boja (Zoja Kravica) conspired not to reveal the truth about his death to protect Bonn. Some months have passed, the new school year is here, and so, of course, new intrigues and problems, old secrets, unresolved puzzles and deeply repressed experiences that every moment threaten to break out.

Although there have been significant changes on the other side of the camera (the second season of the series has been directed by Andrea Arnold, who has so far been the hero of the American Honey movie, but has preserved the role of executive producer and fitter in Valais), they are hardly noticeable. The first gang of the first season is back in front of the camera, retaining the familiar and favorite style and shade of the second season of the series, where a dramatic drama often changes with everyday banal foolishness and amusing moments. The biggest change has been the series structure – if in the first season we knew that something very bad happened and from the beginning, the TV series aimed at this deadly explosion, this time we do not know anything about the cataclysm of the future. But the lack of such is thought to be of no concern, because the probability that everything will end well is less than tiny.
In the first series of three series that could be watched before the premiere, we can start looking at the hardships of future complications and speculate which of the jammed problems will turn out to be insignificant at the end and which will be fatal.

The Better Tar Spoon The Monterey Lady’s Fifth Honey Barrel promises to be Mary Mary, the mother of Perry, who plays an active role in the life of grandchildren and her husband Selesta after his son’s death. As a loving mother would have come, Mary Louise is not only able to settle for her son’s death, but also wants to get a fair trial because, in her opinion, the explanation “he slipped” is sewn with white threads.

The distinction between roles in cinema and television is prestigious for a long time already – bean “Big Lie” is an example in itself. However, at the moment when the three-time Oscar winner Merila Strike appears on the small screen, it still seems to be an event (yes, with a big n, and yes, this is not the first time that Stream has been featured on the TV series) but it does not change much of the substance). Mary Luise in Monterey’s (not) hospitable neighborhood is an outsider, but the Strike ensemble fits perfectly – behind supposedly gray, old-fashioned exterior and redundant teeth hiding the will and determination that does not promise anything good for conspiracy ladies. In addition, watching the scenes of action heavyweight such as Strike and Kidman on the screen is always pure pleasure. But no matter how great the scenes between these ladies are, passive aggressive and sometimes aggressive rivalry between Strike and Rice Viterspoon is even cut off by wonderful minor insults.
Meanwhile, our central five is trying to cope with the new cocks that are rising at an enviable pace, as well as “process” the past experience, settle for a terrible experience and find a way to live on. Viterspoon Madelain has to deal with her

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