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Big and small screens have their own own pleasure

Big and small screens have their own own pleasure

Luckily successful achievements have been shattered ‘Mehwish Hayat does not have any difficulty in studying successful countries for improving the film industry’.
The famous actor Mehwish Hayat has said that there is no need to study the successful countries for the improvement of the film industry, if moving forward, stepping forward with the world will have to move. In an interview, the actor said that the big and small screen has its own pleasure and happily has been successful on both sides.

Now the educated boys and girls who are happy are coming from which our industry is changing. Mehwish Hayat said that in recent years the best films have been made, which means that our industry is definitely moving towards development, but the current speed It’s very slow now. We should study the successful countries and then take measures in our own resources. We should move towards modern technology and for this, producers and directors should consult the government with their platforms.

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