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Belly Dancer Tamara – تمارا

Belly Dancer : Tamara —— تمارا

Belly Dancer Tamara: About Me and my Love for Belly Dance
I was born during the civil war in Beirut, Lebanon. In a land torn by unrest and strife, I was blissfully unaware of anything except my family and friends always around, their affection, the visitors, the music… They tell me that almost since the day I learned how to walk I would twirl to the music and entertain family and friends every chance I got!

My family decided to emigrate when I was just five years old. Although we adopted a new land to call home, I never really left behind the wealth of tradition, culture, and beauty of my homeland. With a natural flair for Oriental form and movement and an ear for music, I found myself drawn closer and closer to dance. I went on to study the art form and its history, and looked to professionals for guidance and instruction.

The close community of female family and friends that enveloped my developing years – including my mother and my grandmother – they all played a vital role in sculpting my own femininity and style. They infused in me the spirit of beauty associated with my middle eastern dancing heritage. My whole being becomes one with them every time I hear the beat of the tableh or the lilting wail of the accordion beladi or the sweet tinkling of the zils!

Belly Dancer Tamara As a Professional Belly Dancer

Traveling across the globe to perform as well as to learn, I have had the privilege to learn from legends such as Cassandra, Momo, Samara, Camelia, Jalina, Soraya, Raqia Hassan, Farida Fahamy, Aida Nour and Dina. One of the founding members of the BellaDonna Dance Troupe in 2001, I have been dancing professionally for about seven years now, but I continue to learn and blossom as an artist. Besides the star lineup of instructors and the spiritual guidance of my family, my greatest mentors on a daily basis are my fellow BellaDonna girls Victoria, Zylona and Sahira, my dance partners.

My Belly Dancer Style
My style has been described as tasteful, elegant, and free; my persona graceful, warm and relaxed; my movements fluid yet precise. More than a mouthful, I must admit, but if nothing else, my dance is deeply rooted in the traditional Oriental dance form, and that is where my heart lies. Although I enjoy watching alternative forms as well, I could not claim to be a proponent of fusion and neo-blends.

Me as a Performer
As a professional belly dancer I could be considered a teacher or a student or a choreographer, but first and foremost I am a performer. I have danced at countless restaurants and clubs throughout Texas, such as Agora, Bokka Bar, The Helios, The Russian Bear, Club Crystal, Opas, The Lotus Lounge, R&R, Spy, Zorbas, Mykonos, The Sands, The Cotton Exchange, The Pyramids, Café Europe, and Tonic. Besides, I have performed at the Houston International Festival, and countless private party engagements. On a recent visit to Egypt I even had an opportunity to dance at the Mena House, what a thrill! I have been featured in local media coverage in The Houston Press, Paper City, 002 Magazine, and Great Day Houston. … And the rest of me
Now settled in Houston, Texas, I regularly perform solo as well as with the BellaDonna group. In my own time I love to pursue my passion for belly dance through dance seminars and all kinds of research. I continually strive to learn and grow as a dancer, a teacher and as a person. All of this is made possible by the love and support of Charlie, my other passion, and Bisou, our cute little Shitzu.

Belly Dancer : Tamara —— تمارا