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Another impressive Concepts of Vivo introduced the phone

Another impressive Concepts of Vivo introduced the phone

The Chinese company Vioo presented a phone last year, which did not have a bazel, while there was no scratch for the cell phone and it was named Epix. And now the company has its first model model The episode 2019 has been presented and the last year’s congressive design has expanded. Well, Vioo introduced the ATP 2019 glimpse in January this year, but the original device was now presented during an event in Hong Kong.

This is the company’s first FiveG phone as well as a phone in which no type of button was given.
WAVO has replaced physical buttons with pressure senses, while the USBB port has been replaced by a magnetic converter or a mag port, which can be used to charge the phone.
It does not have to have a SIM card slot, but instead of using it.
Full display on front of the phone will also perform fingerprints censorship work, namely, device can be locked at any fingerprint on the finger screen.

In this, the Speaker Girl will not be removed but the sound will be removed from the screen and this technology was also the last year’s phone and yes, this whole phone is designed with a piece of glass.
The company has called it a future phone, which has been incorporated several new technologies, which shows that it is possible to make an iPhone that is not a hole or a button. However, the AppIX 2019 is not yet available for sale. What is going on and the company has called it the console device, which has no common features, such as the cell phone, there are 13 and 12 megapixel digital cameras setups, but the battery just 2000 m HH Power is. Apart from this, Kulkum Sniper Dragons 855 processor, 12GB Rim, 512 GB storage, 5G connectivity and chamber cooling technology. No phone features such hyn.cunkh a hole in it so potentially it could be water proof, but the company said nothing about it.