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American model veteran Summer Rannie Oaks put 700 plants in her apartment

American model veteran Summer Rannie Oaks put 700 plants in her apartment

Brooklyn’s apartment in New York (NYI), American model, ritual and environmental worker Summer Rannie Oaks, has neither four but 700 plants. The apartment in Brooklyn William Burgus, model Rennie Oaks, is not less than a surprise. The apartment of the Rumen Oaks apartment covers the 1200 square-foot cover. If you are looking at this apartment, what will first come to you. They will be the plants and only the same plants will be visible to the end of the apartment. The apartment does not have a living room, living room and kitchen, but in every corner Beautiful plants

are present. When this place of 1200 square feet began to feel lesser than the Summer Renee Oaks, they started planting plants in the wardrobes, each upcoming year model adds the number of plants of the Summer Renaissance apartment. The reason for this passion Summer Renaissance Oaks said in an interview that I was raised in the rural area which I could never do. Even today, my childhood, where my childhood passes away, I am helpless. In order to remember the village’s environment in the city and make the country a nucleus, I filled my apartment with the plants.

Hawks have a wall of bedroom A small drawing room area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir apartment also displays a hobby of horticulture, where the dining table’s selection area is selected for gardening. What’s going on at the studio, the shelf there are not too far from the plants. The growing branches of the plants are spread around shelf, which produce a calm and impressive environment. Oaks’s friends share their apartment with indoor jungle.