Alia Bhatt signed the movie before the script heard

Alia Bhatt signed the movie before the script heard

According to Bidhwar, actor Ayaib Bhatt is done in Hindi cinemas’s most successful and best actresses, who are becoming the favorite of every filmmaker. All know that in the place where Aaya Bhatt is present today The biggest hand is Bolywood’s director of Karn Johor. Who first cast his 2012 film “Student of the Year” in his film. After the Assocant of the Year, many of the films of Aulayat Bhattar Singh became part of the essay and he is very soon

Karan Johor’s film will be seen in ‘Thapa’, which is giving both directions and productions. The film ‘Thatta’ will start shooting this year, which has several famous Bollywood actors. In the cast, Ranveer Singh, Karna Kapoor Khan, Aayat Bhatt, Jwavi Kapoor, Vacation Kushal, Bhummi Paidankar and Anil Kapoor are there. But do you know that Ayal Bhatt did not know the story of the movie ‘Thatta’ He has given a pro-pro-pro-working role in the film.

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Abhit Bhatt revealed that he himself found the story of the movie when he reads the media reports of film and He had signed the movie for the time. Ajakara said, “I was not able to know anything about the throne, only once a year, I said Karan Johar, on the phone, that he was the film. I have to be part of it, and I have to do it, and I have done it. According to the latest, ‘During the shooting of Brahmastra in my film several days later, I asked Karn to tell now what I am doing in the movie. But I can only do this with Karan Johor, because I can close my eyes on them. “Azakara said,” I am so close to Karn, if I’m doing something, then work with them. ” I will leave it, I love the love of Karan Johar and this film also works for them.

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