After specific age you do not have any special role

After specific age you do not have any special role

Farida, the best actor of the past, has been seen in the role of a favorite month in Bollywood movies, which is usually part of comedy or romance films, but now she is becoming a part of a horror web series ‘Parishai’.

If you feel that they play a unique role in the project, it is nothing like this, they are also seen as grandmother or granny in this horror series.

However, Feriada Jalal himself understands that actors in the film and television industry have to face problems with ever-increasing age and then accept the same kind of roles.

Talking to the Indian Times, Faridah Jalal said, ‘Every actor dreams of getting a good role and it is necessary to get opportunities, after a specific age, you are not allowed to do something special, that is the old role. There is a mother’s affair in every project.

The story of this horror series called ‘Purhai’ was written by Raksha Bond.

Regarding his role in the series, Farida Jalal said, “I am a grandmother of a boy, this is the story of the girl who wants to know about her mother, the story is scary too, her grandmother is fully aware. But she does not want to tell, so she tells her to stay away from all things, so my character is not connected with a scary thing. ‘

It is believed that Farida Jalal has taken action in films such as ‘Dilhiya Dil Diliya’, ‘Ever Happiness Ever Grief’ and ‘Dil So Madhya’.

He is also part of the successful comedy show of ‘Shariarat’ of 2003.

However, the actress had said that now he has such a strong role as unhealthy.

He said, ‘Everything has changed now, I do not like such a role, if I get to do something like this again, I probably do not even think before doing it.’

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