5 STRANGEST Vehicles Ever Made!

5 STRANGEST Vehicles Ever Made!

5 STRANGEST Vehicles Ever Made!

5 STRANGEST Vehicles In The World!


Its known that Cars are the most popular tranportations. If you want to see the strangest and most incredible vehicles. Then stay on this video! Youre going to love it! With all this said Top 5 Supreme Brings you 5 Strangest Vehicles Ever Made! Lest Roll!!


This car is the Peel p50. and According to the guiness records, its the smallest car ever built. This car is made for a single person. The most curious thing is that this car only has three wheels. Theres not even enough space for four wheels! The engine is right under the seat. And the funny part is that The only way to move back, is getting out the car and doing it with our own hands! Not a great idea!


I think we all know that The city of Venice in Italy is one of the few places in the world where cars are banned. However there is an Italian carpenter who crosses the city in his own car made of wood. It looks exactly like a ferrari f50. This amazing car has a boat engine. Which allows you to sail through Venice with no problem what so ever! NOw thats a dream Car!


This weird vehicle youre seeing is desgined by Christian Susana. They named it Colim and its a great blend of a car and a caravan camper. The front part of this strange looking caravan can be detached, and its a very comfortable way to go camping with family and friends…Because if you need to run to the store, you can always take the two seated car without taking the whole caravan. Colim might not be the best looking vehicle, but its quite useful for any case!


Hes the most famous agent in the big screen. Yes were talking about James Bond. Well The creation of this vehicle was inspired From the movie The Spy Who Loved Me. Its known as the Lotus submarine. This car is capable of traveling both on land and under water. But I have to point out that its necessary to use a couple of oxygen tanks if youre willing to go underwater. Wait a second, I didnt mention the price, Well this cars value is around 1.2 million pounds. Lets just say its a bit Expensive!


This fancy looking limousine is actually the longest limousine youll ever see. It has 26 tires and the total length is around 100 feet. Its a great way to celebrate with the whole family and still have room for more people! lets just say theres room for lots of passengers. But it doesnt end there. Theres a heated Jacuzzi just incase you need to relax, a few beds if you need some rest, a swimming pool, and even a Helipad! Now thats just insane! Theres room for almost anything!

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