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5 best smartphones available for celebrity people

5 best smartphones available for celebrity people

China (Monitoring Desk) Most people also care about the quality of the camera while purchasing a smartphone, especially the cell phone cameras. But which phones available at the market are best to meet the self-interest in the market? The quality of each one can be different in this regard, but a company DX Omerkak decided to help the customers. This company is basically referred to as mobile photography and has set a list of the best cell phone cameras for 2019. In this list, smartphones are scored on the basis of various elements and can see the top 5 phones below. 5. Google Pixel 2 (80 points) Google Pixel 2 was introduced in 2017 with an 8-megapixel resolution resolution given on front Front, which has a 1/3 inch inch censor and 1.14μm pixel size.

White balance in indoor and low light is quite good, according to the company, but in its outer environment, pink eyes appear in the outside environment. The company further said that pixel 2 is a better option for those people who like to show their background in cell phone as well. 4. Samsung Galaxy S. 9 Plus (81 points) was focused on the front camera of this flagship phone of Samsung, and the company had tried that some distance from cell phones would be much better, with its fast F 1.7 operating Passing light makes it perfect for group cellulite, but does not even require cell-stick. 3. The front camera of this phone in September last year in September XSx Max (81 points) is equipped with a 7-megapixel censor that has fixed focus and F.2.2 operating, but also Apple’s Deep DPth camera system. It has been given that improves the details of a scene and foggy pins.

This is one of the first few devices in which the feature of HDR processing is available in the front camera. The dual camera set up has been set up in Shimami’s front so that people can get more portrait photos, including bokeh fact, but it does not include the HDR processing option, it took it to 2 instead of the number, In addition, due to Fixed Focus, it is more limited to other devices that affect group shot. 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (92 points) is tie on this number. This flagship flag of Samsung is equipped with 8 megapixel resolution and 1.22μm pixel, while there is a sync video option, and making videos for celebrity people The experience proves to be quite strong, it also has auto focus lenses which generally do not look at cellular cameras. Google has set up dual cameras on Front, with which there is also a PDF system that helps to focus the device, this camera system is capable of taking the best images between 30 to 120 cm. Is.