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All of 37 and still flaunting her curves!

All of 37 and still flaunting her curves!

All of 37 and still flaunting her curves!

Size zero is the in thing. Or rather it has been the in thing for quite some time. Gone are the halcyon days, when we had oriental beauties who were full-bodied. The opposite gender had something to be besotted with. Things or rather figures have worsened. There is no meat and skeletons rule the roost. Even athletic celebs like Deepika Padukone are not at all as admirable as they were a few years ago. The reasons are hard to comprehend.

Things are so bad that a lot of celebs and models have become anorexic in an attempt to become skinny. The French were wise enough to pass a law by virtue of which a model can be refused an assignment if she fails to get a clearance from a doctor. So she needs to bear certain weight and mass to walk the ramp.

So in this age of starving celebs, there’s someone who’s a welcome change. Her body and her curves are getting better with each passing day and she doesn’t attempt to hide it. And rightly so. Why hide something you can flaunt. And she has seemed to have worked hard on it.

And what is jaw-dropping is that she’s an all of 37 and mother to almost one-year-old son. Getting into shape soon after entering motherhood is simply commendable. Married for 5 years, we’re talking about gorgeous Kareena Kapoor Khan. Apart from being a very successful star, this family lady is all class and married to royalty. You have to see her latest picture which would endorse our contention.

Let’s hope the other female actors of Bollywood follow her and pick up some tips to be as attractive and shapely as this royal Bahu!

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