17 Photos of Celebrities That Went Viral

17 Photos of Celebrities That Went Viral

17 Photos of Celebrities That Went Viral

8. Ariana Grande at the Victoriaa s Secret Fashion Show
Ariana Grande is like 5 foot 3, on a good day. Most likely shea s 5 foot even, but whatever. Even with those 3 extra inches, shea s no match height-wise for the leggy over 5 foot 10 models that are featured at the Victoriaa s Secret Fashion Show. Audiences got to see live as the petite pop star gets blindsided by pink, fluffy wings worn by model Elsa Hosk in the middle of a performance. It was a small, quick occurrence, and the two continued on with the show unscathed. But as far as live shows go, stuff like this happens all the time. Ariana Grande just happened to make the best reaction.

7. Beyonce at the Super Bowl
The 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show was the 2nd time Beyonce performed at the venue, the first being in 2013. Aside from the very clear social messages she was incorporating into her performance, her performance was also known for another aspect: the faces she was making. To be specific, the unflattering faces she was making while dancing enthusiastically. Different frames from the video footage were soon turned into memes. And no matter what you think of Beyonce as an artist, youa ve at least go to admit she really gets into her craft.

6. John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson
John Travolta famously got a lot of flack for the creepy way he was holding Idina Menzela s face that one time at the Oscars. And he got some again after people saw pictures of him kissing the side of Scarlett Johanssona s face on the red carpet, with ScarJo apparently not appreciating the gesture and sort of awkwardly standing there as ita s happening. Of the incident, Johansson has defended Travolta, saying therea s nothing creepy about him and insisting the awkward photo was just a result of it just being bad timing.

5. Fergie Wet Her Pants
Or at least thata s what everyonea s saying. Fergie defended herself that one time, saying it was just sweat, but lots of people were not quick to believe that. In comparison to all the other photos on this list, this is one of the older photos taken and most of you probably remember when this happened. The photo dates back to 2005 while she was performing at concert back when she was still part of the Black Eyed Peas. She did come clean in 2014 about the ordeal, apparently saying yes, she did pee her pants. Fergie blames it on not having time to have done to the bathroom before the show. And while ita s embarrassing, ita s not something that hindered her career, which from then on out was wildly successful.

4. Ryan Gosling Making Faces
If therea s anyone in Hollywood who doesna t have the tolerance for the paparazzi, ita s Ryan Gosling, but not in the violent, shouting way. The incredibly private and low key actor was just trying to eat when these paps caught sight of him. And to show his disdain, he proceeds to make childish faces and gestures at the cameras. Hea s probably just messing around, but take it was he doesna t appreciate the invasion of privacy, either.

3. Taylor Swift and The Staring Stranger
Taylor Swift was pictured just walking along in her yoga pants when this guy happened to be passing by in the background. The photo was taken in 2016 and it didna t take long for people to make memes out of it, deeming the guy in the background as creepy, though ita s just likely the paparazzi cameras in front of him are what caught his eye. From photoshopping Swift as Pikachu with the guy in the back holding a pokeball, to photoshopping him into the Mystery Machine with Scooby Doo for his resemblance to Shaggy, you really have to hand it to timing.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal and Funny Food
Ita s not really clear who Jake Gyllenhaal was actually talking to when this moment was captured on paparazzi cameras, but it didna t seem to matter as everyone concluded Gyllenhaal was actually reacting to his apparently hilarious food. The meme is better known on the internet as Oh You So Crazy which incidentally was taken from an even older meme. The photo was taken sometime around 2010 as thata s when it was then uploaded onto various other sites which was then succeeded by another photo in 2013 of Gyllenhaal laughing at his sandwich.

1. Strutting Leo
And then therea s the mother of all internet memes that was taken from a celebritya s photo being taken by the paparazzi. While on the set for Christopher Nolana s film Inception in 2009, someone happened to take a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio walking rather merrily along. And as soon as the rest of the world got their hands on this photo, there was no turning back. Soon after, it was dubbed Strutting Leo, and this little guy has been photoshopped into many other situations ever since.

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