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10 Shocking CONFESSIONS of SOLDIERS in the Military

10 Shocking CONFESSIONS of SOLDIERS in the Military

10 Shocking CONFESSIONS of SOLDIERS in the Military

Top 10 amazing facts about Army, navy seals, and military personnel in the united states of america and other countries around the world

They say the one constant in human history is war. This appears to be pretty accurate. Looking back over human history it seems like we have always been at war with one another somewhere on the planet. Of course, todaya s military forces are much different than the armies of Caesar or Napoleon. Some countries boast armies with millions of soldiers, thousands of tanks, dozens of nuclear powered naval vessels and thousands of nuclear weapons. Today, when a war begins, it can be resolved in a matter of days, weeks or months. In the past, conflicts often dragged on for years or several decades.

Whether the history, the battles, the technology or just plain sizes, we are fascinated by the military. If youa ve seen some of our other videos or articles on TheRichest then you know wea re always interested in assessing the worlda s militaries when it comes to the biggest, smallest, fastest, deadliest and most expensive. Ita s time to change things up a bit. This time around wea re looking at some of the more shocking facts you may not have known. What are these? Well, wea ll look at all sorts of things including military spending, Special Forces, nuclear capabilities and future technology. These are lesser known facts or information presented in a way youa ve never seen or at least in a way the government has never publicized.

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